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Our goal is to have 1,000 districts develop and ratify their Profile of a Graduate by June 2019.

The EdLeader21 Profile of a Graduate campaign seeks to energize communities of educators, students and parents around a 21st century definition of student success. The campaign’s intent is to establish deep and broad support in at least 1,000 communities for teaching and learning practices that support student mastery of the 4Cs. More specifically, we aim to:

  • Inform the education field about why it is important for schools and districts to adopt a profile of a graduate.
  • Provide tools and resources that support schools and districts in this process.
  • Generate grassroots support for the development of profiles of graduates from a broad range of stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, community members, etc.
  • Give high-profile visibility to schools and districts that have already adopted a profile of a graduate.
  • Make an important contribution to the field of education.
  • Improve collaboration among educators and supportive organizations and leaders in the field of 21st century education.

What are the tools of this campaign?

This website includes three key resources:

  • PoG Builder: Using the PoG Builder, education stakeholders will “define the north star” for their school and/or district to include knowledge, skills and attitudes that support 21st century success in college, career, life and citizenship.
  • PoG Action Plan: Stakeholders will use the custom Action Plan to help them ratify the PoG and implement 4Cs teaching and learning action steps across the school or district.
  • PoG Examples: An extensive gallery of PoGs from the EdLeader21 network helps educators understand the wide variety of approaches to defining student success.


About EdLeader21

EdLeader21 is a professional learning community for district and independent school leaders dedicated to 21st Century Education. We support education leadership teams in integrating the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity) into K-12 Education. We do this by providing affordable, customizable tools and resources, access to industry thought leaders, and the opportunity to work with like-minded education leaders from across the country. Participation in EdLeader21 is the fastest, most cost effective way for districts and independent schools to implement the 4Cs. To learn more about joining the Professional Learning Community, visit

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